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Ratios and Proportions - Similar figures - First Glance
Two figures that have the same shape are said to be similar.. When two figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal.

Similar Figures -
Similar figures have the same shape (but not necessarily the same size) and the following properties: Corresponding sides are proportional. That is, the ratios of the corresponding sides are equal.

Similar Figures: Definition & Examples -
Similar figures are figures that have the same shape, but may have different sizes. A polygon is a two-dimensional object with a minimum of three straight sides and three angles. These types of ...

Similar Figures
This video explains similar figures and how to figure out if two shapes are similar using sides and angles. Plus, it discusses how to use one shape figure out unknown measurements of a similar shape.

Similar Figures Gizmo : Lesson Info : ExploreLearning
Similar Figures. Vary the scale factor and rotation of an image and compare it to the preimage. Determine how the angle measures and side lengths of the two figures are related.

Similar Figures
Let's explore how to use proportions to solve for unknown values.

Similar - Math Is Fun
Two shapes are Similar when one can become the other after a resize, flip, slide or turn. Resizing. If one shape can become another using Resizing (also called dilation, contraction, compression, enlargement or even expansion), then the shapes are Similar: These Shapes are Similar!




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